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Metal is a genre that needs close attention and careful mixing, to avoid the music becoming too overpowering or clustered. Especially for genres using classical elements (like symphonic metal), it takes a very skilled and specialized music producer to be able to finetune and bring everything together in epic harmony.

What can i do for you


I can turn your tracks into a fully professional top level mix.


I'll bring that mix to the next level, with tracks recorded in an other studio or by yourself.
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I'll make your mix sound incredible on all devices.


I can create a coherent, big sounding, final master that translates well onto all types of systems and listening environments.
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Breathe life into your music by adding orchestral instruments.


Or add an entire orchestra to make your music sound bigger and more epic.
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Looking for music to fit your trailer or movie?


Every project is different, so yours too deserves a score tailored to your needs. This way it will reach its full potential.
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What others say

“The production is very precisely balanced and sounds pure.”
“All produced in crystal clear quality and with a genuine knowhow and love for the symphonic subgenre.”
Belgian Metal Shredder
"Professional attitude, fast delivery of high quality work. Absolutely recommend!"
Elyn (singersongwriter)
"A professional mixer that delivers high quality content. I would recommend!"
Dieter (Gallia)
"Very professional, super passionate music producer. Yannick is incredibly talented, his music productions are out of this world."
The Moon Project
"Not only skilled in mixing, but has clear vision on music production and a feel for what your music needs! Especially for orchestral and metal productions this is the place to be: best price-quality studio around!"
Laurens (Gallia)

Working with Yannick

Yannick is straight forward, honest and doesn’t beat around the bush. When you work with him, you get results. Period. 

Don’t worry about getting stood up or missing releases or deadlines. Yannick is honest about his deadlines and strives to always meet them. 

Yannick has a band of his own so he understands what bands expect, how to get the best recordings, what it is like to record. He’s with you through all of it.

The bands he has worked with have received great reviews about the production quality. He’s even placed 15th in a world wide scoring contest, leaving hundreds of contestants behind him. 

Get your music to the next level

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