who am i

My name is Yannick Maris, and my goal is very simple: I am here to take your project to the next level!

Starting out as the guitarist and main writer in a symphonic metal band and also being an active listener of all kinds of metal, I do know my way around the genre.

What do I do

I’m foremost a mixing/mastering engineer in rock and metal, but I’m also proficient in editing and reamping. Besides that, I own a couple of high-end sample libraries (e.g. Metropolis Ark I & II) for orchestral programming. I have sufficient experience with MIDI and orchestral arrangements to help you out.

As a side-business, I do write my own cinematic music, which you can license to use in your project. If you are in need of something more tailored, you can reach out to me for trailer design or scoring to picture.